Collection and Shipment

Collection and Shipment

Elite Stone’s delivery terms are Ex Works, which means that the consumer views the net price of the product before personally requesting a quote for shipping, by courier, truck or container, at the consideration agreed with the customer’s forwarder.

Alternatively, the customer can contact Elite Stone and request a transport quote. Given the unpredictability of transport costs in this historical period, the quotation has a maximum validity of one week.

The customer, by choosing, can have the products delivered to, with permanent resident in Italy.

If an order contains products that can be delivered on different dates, the customer can contact the Elite Stone sales office and request that the Products be delivered separately according to the dates indicated on each Product Sheet; this option, however, may entail a greater impact on the order preparation and delivery costs, which will be communicated for each individual order. If the customer selects a single delivery option instead, the order will be delivered once the last piece is ready.

For each order, the packaging and loading on trucks or containers must be documented with the driver’s photo and signature. Since these are valuable goods, we recommend that you always carry out an all risks insured transport and check the integrity of the goods at the time of delivery.

All our packages are equipped with a Shock Watch device.

ShockWatch’s tilt indicators detect and record excessive tilt of products that must remain vertical. To use the device, you must first remove the protective sticker. The product cannot be tilted after being affixed to the shipping crate without irrefutable evidence of incorrect handling, and a special mechanism prevents it from being reactivated.
TiltWatch: when the product on which it is applied is tilted or totally overturned, this indicator turns red.
TiltWatch Plus: this indicator offers complete monitoring, indicating the exact angle of tilt or a total overturn. TiltWatch Plus is supplied with an accompanying label on which the data can be written.

If the box is defective, or the shock watch damaged or non-existent, the customer must indicate any elements and, if necessary, refuse the product.

The customer must accept the delivery within 3 weeks. At the expiry of 3 weeks from the communication of the readiness of the goods for collection, the customer will have to pay for each piece $ 250.00 per month for storage costs.