How to Order

Buy and order on Elite Stone

After entering their login information and creating a personal account indicating the personal details such as email address, telephone number, shipment address, invoicing address, the Customer can place an order immediately on the Website.

By clicking on the «Add to cart» button while browsing the various areas of the Website, the Customer can add the Products chosen to the basket. You may always go back to your cart and adjust or confirm your purchase.

Each step required for the sale to be completed, is detailed on the website.

The Customer can contact the Elite Stone Customer Care directly by email or telephone for any information and any request or to place an order.

The costs of Internet access, usage of the Website, or calls to the Website’s Customer Service depend on the user’s providers. Elite Stone doesn’t charge anything from the website.

Before permanently confirming the Order and thereby expressing its acceptance, the Customer is due to review the Order in detail, including the total price, quantity, product details, and, if necessary, alter or change it.

Following confirmation of the products in the cart, the Customer must:
provide all relevant information, including content and payment methods; declare that you accept the General Conditions of Sale in its whole and without objection.

The Customer confirms the Order by clicking the “Confirm order” button displayed on the payment page after completing or updating the information and accepting the General Conditions of Sale.

The Customer’s “double click” to validate the Order constitutes acceptance of the prices and qualities of the Products ordered by the Customer.