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Avarice Amethysts

These Crystals have been mysterious and legendary for the physical and mental healing properties since the beginning, not only a truly beautiful decorative item but also a source of energu and wellness, they remain pretty and vibrant over time.

measurement: 570x230x200 mm

Evolet White Quartz

2.200,00  VAT Excluded

Evolet White Quartz

Not only a great decorative item, but also a wonderful source of energy and wellness. This powerful item is considered also very protective.

measurements: 410x230x120 mm

2.200,00  VAT Excluded

Irish Amethyst

3.000,00  VAT Excluded

Irish Amethyst

Iris Amethyst as a memeber of the quartz family, it categorizes as a semiprecious stone. This powerful gem commonly found in violet and purple, connected with spiritual healing and tranquillity. Faboulous decorative item for any interior design.

Measurements: 650x200x200 mm

3.000,00  VAT Excluded

Yolanda Amethyst

This purplish gemstone can range from delicate pink to very deep violet. Embrace the nature with this vibrant beauty in any interior design. The wellness trend has spread past health to other aspects of life. By adding this gorgeous crystals to any interior design, bring positive energy and wellness to the ambience.

measurements: 500x300x300 mm


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