Bespoke service

A tailor-made service

Elite Stone is a Made in Italy company of luxury natural stones specialized in the production of slabs and blocks and in the implementation of the most prestigious projects in the world. Over 200,000 square meters of various materials and over 9,000 tons of blocks from our quarries are always displayed in our showroom, offering the best selection of Italian natural stone.

Natural stones Made in Italy

The Elite Stone Verona showroom presents the largest collection in the world of luxurious Italian white marbles such as Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Carrara and Bianco Lasa, as well as a large variety of colored marbles and onyxes.

ES Atelier, the projects division of Elite Stone Group, makes use of a technical office that meticulously studies marble processing, creating open stain floors and walls, inlaid floors, mosaics, tubs, sculptures, stairs, fireplaces, columns and any bespoke project. For over twenty years we have been collaborating with leading architectural firms, designers and world-renowned retail brands to provide the best selections of natural stones and made in Italy processes. The company is known for its premium quality and research in processing technology, as well as for its exclusive proposals in marble and onyx.

White Marbles by Elite Stone

Despite the vast choice of materials, Elite Stone’s core business is the production of white marbles from Carrara quarries, particulary Calacatta Borghini, which is the finest white marble for exclusive projects. Its color is distinguished by a warm white background with veins ranging from gold to warm gray; this special feature makes it one of the best white marbles on the market.

Tell us about your project

Natural stone is a choice of elegance and attention to details for the furnishing of homes, shops and workplaces, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the stairs to the floors, and can reach its maximum splendor with bespoke work. Marble is a unique and noble material that with its presence can qualify both internal and external spaces, giving an air of elegance and luxury.

First Phase: The Consultancy

The first phase is consultancy: the clients describe the ambience they want to create, the tyle and the sensation they want to perceive when they see the finished product. At this point, we use our experience to recommend the natural stone that meets the design requirements, considering the physical qualities, properties, color and finish of the material.

When you choose the materials, you can come and see for yourself our marbles in the exhibition area (we have over 200,000 square meters of slabs ready for shipment), where you can also find different examples of tables, coffee tables, beauty tables or backlit panels. We usually recommend if you have a chance to come physically and visit the requested material in our showroom.

Realized Projects

Natural stone is a versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of styles but choosing the right material for each project is crucial. Our personalized service, based on our experience in the furniture and marble design industry, has allowed us to tackle a wide range of obstacles and build perfect bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and stairs in private residentials and public projects. Additionally, theaters, places of worship, retail stores, yachts, swimming pools, beauty salons, restaurants and bars are examples of public projects we have created.

We make your dreams come true

The bathroom has always been the most suitable ambient for marble applications, where we can design floors, walls and matchbook walls, as well as furnishing items such as bathtubs, sinks and shower trays in marble and onyx.

Sinks, kitchen tops, countertops, hobs, tables, floors and walls can all be used to create an elegant yet functional environment in the kitchen.

For areas such as the living room, dining room or more, we can create decorative stone elements such as tables, fireplaces with classic or contemporary styles, bookcases, stairs and columns to obtain a great displaying effect in any context.

In addition to the supply of materials and the design of luxurious settings, we also offer marble products of great value, such as tables, mirrors, ornamental walls, vases, make-up tables, sculptures and items for traditional and modern marble design, in order to give the environment a timeless elegance and grace.