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Seattle Kitchen

Embrace your feelings in the most important part of home where all the wonderful wonders happen, expressive of the luxurious and uber-sophisticated merging many glorious elements. the opening system makes this showy kitchen an excellent choice for a luxury high class penthouse or vill.

Designed by Tetyana Kovalenko

-Single unit backlit high gloss finishing.
-Marine multi layer wood erable coating.
-Bespoke doors with anti scratch leather handmade.
-Door and sliding top backlit with E-light.
-Work top Terra Antica
-Back furniture and winery Calacatta Borghini.
-Bespoke doors leather and handmade stitching.
-Erable coating.

Opening systems:
-Electric remote control, push pull drawers.
-Pocket opening system.
-Fitting Blum sitting.

Other measures and materials on demand

15000 € for appliance

Kitchen: 4200 x 2320 x 740 mm
Island: 2400 x 1200 x 1080 mm

Only by Order

180.000,00  VAT Excluded