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Arato (Plowed) Finishing

Like the lines left by the rake on the earth, small parallel hollows that imprint on the marble everything that comes before the birth of a cultivated product.


Ivory – Avorio
fine Italian marble from Sicily featuring a beige background and delicate white veining.

White – Statuarietto
one of the most precious Carrara materials, very appreciated by Michelangelo Buonarotti.

Black – Nero velluto
deep black marble with fine grain crossed by light brilliant white veins.

Grey – Perla Argento
Carrara marble featuring a pearlescent grey background and a pearl-white speckled texture.


Height 250 – 300 cm x Width 120 – 170 cm x thickness 2 cm
Seamless horizontal, processing covers from floor to ceiling
Tailor-made products
Materials of Italian origin processed strictly in Italy

The price is per square meter.

Only by Order

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