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Amazzonite beauty table

A fancy touch of glamor in the room, this gorgeous piece of art is crafted from Amazzonite, by experienced artisans.

Luxurious yet minimal box shaped beauty table, containing retractable mirror hidden beneath the table’s upper surface and top made of natural stone, with chrome legged stool in velvet textile. Interior part of the beauty table is also manufactured of luxe stone, great to place jewellery or make up.

Distinctive sophisticated piece of furniture for your bedroom or master bathroom set.

Exclusively designed for ladies to feel like a queen everyday.


Petineuse: 600 x 405 x 773 mm
Stool: 442 x 400 x 457 mm

Fully customisable in materials and size.

Designed by Tetyana Kovalenko.

8.900,00  VAT Excluded

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